Ceramic Artist

Kensuke Fujiyoshi

Kensuke Fujiyoshi was born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1966.

He gradutated from the Department of Design, Arita Technical High School, Saga, 1984. He was a graphic designer in Tokyo from 1984 to 1987.

The turning point was when he discovered Hizen jiki inherited Japanese porcelain known as Old-Imari in 1988.

He worked at several porcelain studios as a product designer in Arita, Saga from 1988 to 1996.

He started making his own porcelain works as a ceramic artist from 1997. He lives and works in Fukuoka, Japan.


藤吉 憲典

1966年 熊本県玉名市生まれ。
1984年 佐賀県立有田工業高等学校デザイン科卒業。同年上京・広告代理店でグラフィックデザインに従事。
1988年 佐賀に帰省・古伊万里と出会う。
1997年 佐賀県江北町に花祭窯を開き独立。
2012年 福岡県福津市に花祭窯を移転。


Connect traditional Japanese craftsmanship to contemporary artwork


Work relates to both
art and life




英語に続き日本語でのご案内があります / Japanese follows English

Japanese follows English.

One of the reazons why he became a ceramic artist is that he worries about the future of Hizen jiki (Old-Imari, Arita, Nabeshima and so on). Because of mechanization and mass production, the traditional culture and the technique of making porcelain is being lost. Learning the histories and the principles of traditional culture would force innovative art. All of his work is based on the inherited Japanese culture Hizen jiki, which is known as Old-Imari. He does all product processes himself, even though porcelain products usually need several professional craftsman for each processes. Making shapes, fabricating with potter's wheel, sculpture modeling, underglaze painting, overglaze painting and so on. As a result of doing all these processes by his own hands, all his works have harmonious beauty.

About tableware, he respects Old-Imari, those were made in the Edo period (1615 to 1868). The Shibata Collection which covers Hizen jiki pottery manufactured from 1603 to 1867 in Saga Prefecture Kyushu Ceramic Museum is his master teacher. He makes tablewares which match to contemporary lifestyle, as well as a high aesthtic sense of Japanese cuisine. White porcelain with warmth, underglaze blue with nostalgic deep blue, and overglaze enamels with sophisticated gorgeousness. Shapes fit to your hands because he makes them with a fine sense of his hands. He paints various inherited designs and his unique designs of familiar beauty of nature. All his works show the reason why he does all product processes by his own hands.

For him, making art is about filling in the gap between the world of reality before his eyes and the world of fantasy inside his head. It is his mission to use traditional techniques to express something new. He believes that artwork should have their aesthetics. Beautiful lovery pieces that will make you happy with your life. His work doesn't need a special space. The place with his work will become special. The message of each work is simply the feelings of the people who experience it.

Both art and tableware would support you in your everydaylife. His creativity finds its source both in the familiar beauty of nature experienced in everyday life, and in the beauty possessed by traditional objects. To see, and feel, shape,and color. The primary experience of his own senses is everything. He says "I create because I want to create". For someone simply to tell him that they like his work is his greatest happiness.

Pottery is something fragile. But if handled carefully it can last handreds of years. His aim is to make things that will be loved as someone's treasure.